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Publisher: Uummannaq Polar Books and postcards
Contact to publisher: upi@upi.gl

Uummannaq Polar Books, c/o Torm, Platanvej 21, DK 4684 Holmegaard

All proceeds from the sale of the books go entirely to The Children's Home in Uummannaq.

English-French edition:
Tikkili Pjettursson
A Greenlandic Visual Storyteller with his Heart
in Uumannaq
Un narrateur pictural groenlandais avec le cæur
à Uummannaq
ISBN 978-87-996765-4-5
Hardback: 80 pages and 51 photos
First edition, Uummannaq 2015

Price: 25 € / 185 DDK

Grønlandsk-dansk udgave:
Tikkili Pjettursson
Kalaaleq Qalipakkanik oqaluttuartartoq
Uummannamut asannittoq
En grønlandsk billedfortæller med hjertet
i Uummannaq
ISBN 978-87-996765-3-8
Hardback: 80 sider og 51 fotos
Første udgave, Uummannaq 2015

Pris: 25 € / 185 DDK

English-French edition:
Greenland 100 Years ago
Le Groenland il y a 100 ans

Uummannaq, December 2013
ISBN 978-87-996765-0-7
Hardback: 64 pages and 37 photos

Price: 20 € / 150 DDK

Grønlandsk-dansk udgave:
Kalaallit Nunaat ukiut 100-t matuma siornagut
Grønland for 100 år siden

ISBN 978-87-996765-1-4
Hardback: 64 sider og 37 fotos

Pris: 20 € / 150 DDK

Three Swiss Expeditions in Greenland
Drei Schweizer Expeditionen in Grönland
Schweizimiut Kalaallit Nunaanni
ilisimasassarsioneri pingasut
Tre schweiziske ekspeditioner i Grønland

Edited in four languages:
English, German, Greenlandic, Danish
Uummannaq, April 2012
ISBN: 978-87-92850-00-3
Paperback: 80 pages and 27 photos

Price: 12 € / 100 DDK

Link to pages from the book
Link 1 -- Link 2 -- Link 3 -- Link 4

Please be aware of:
The difference between the two publications is the number of languages and photos.
The text is only slightly corrected from Three Swiss Expeditions… to Greenland 100 years ago

Other publications from Uummannaq Polar Books:

"Durch Grönlands Eiswüste":
A translation of Page 90 - 160,
Chapter VI: Auf das Inlandeis
to English, Greenlandic and Danish

A4 print: 104 pages,
With 13 photos in black/white

ISBN 978-87-996765-2-1

Price: 10 € / 75 DDK

"Sommerfahrten in Grönland":
A translation of
Chapter XIII: Die Besteigung des Kingitoarsuk
Chapter XIV: Nach der Kohlenmine in Karsuarsuk
Chapter XV: Von Umanak zum Inlandeis
to Greenlandic and Danish

A4 print: 40 pages,
With 10 color photos and 3 black/white

ISBN 978-87-996765-5-2

Price: 12 € / 100 DDK

The old hand colored photos are sold for the benefit of The Children's Home


Click on the postcards for bigger photos


Price per postcard: 1 € / 7,50 DDK
Price for a set of five different postcards: 4 € / 30 DDK
Postcard in A5 of the two children: 2 € / 15 DDK

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