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Feature Film - INUK
The most significant UPI project is the feature film "INUK" based on true facts and philosophy of the Uummannaq Children's Home. Ann Andreasen, head of The Children's Home and UPI is the producer of INUK in cooperation with French filmmakers. With a Greenlandic cast, production team and in Greenlandic language with subtitles this is the most rewarded Greenlandic film ever with 23 awards in international film festivals.

INUK is directed by Mike Magidson, and the screenplay is co-written by him and Jean-Michel Huctin. The actors are all children and staff at the Children's Home.

INUK screening in Uummannaq on iceberg
INUK screening in Uummannaq on an Iceberg

An article in National Geographic about the screening of INUK on an iceberg.

Link to: INUK teaser

Link to: Flyer about Inuk

Read about INUK in the magazine: GreenlandToday

Link to: INUK website

INUK available on DVD:
German version                  Danish-Greenlandic version

The soundtrack to INUK available on DVD:

Uummannaq video
Danish Television, April 23, 2018

Link to the program (Danish)

Under the Pole video
Children of the Ice

Link to the program

Documentary Film - Call of the Ice
An UPI and MFP (Multimédia France Productions) coproduction. On the background for the documentary the filmmaker Mike Magidson tells:

'No, I'm not a modern explorer searching for something that's already been found. The truth is, I'm just a filmmaker, shooting the final act of my latest film but unlike any other film I've made, this time I'm the main character. This time the story's about me and about my dream to experience the life of an inuit hunter'.

Click to see the trailer

Faces of Climate Change
Documentary by Ujâvaaq Pictures and UPI
In Uummannaq the conequences of the climate change are obvious. In this documnatary loacals in all ages divide their fear and hope for the future of Uummannaq

Link to the documentary

Animated Film by Bertrand Lozay
Bertrand Lozay has together with the children from Uummannaq Children's Home created a series of anmation films named 'Tupilak'

These short movies are made during several workshops with kids.

Click to see 'Tupilak 2'

Click to see 'Tupilak 3'

Click to see 'Tupilak 3D'
(You NEED anaglyph Red/Blue 3D googles to enjoy that film!)

Animated Film - Kaassassuk
Kaassassuk - The orphan is a Greenlandic animation movie.
The children from the orphanage in Uummannaq made the movie together with Perlefilm in the winter and summer 2016. The movie is a 20 min. stop-motion film based on the Greenlandic folktale and myth by the same name. The movie is directed by award winning animation director Rikke Hallund and produced by Perlefilm © and UPI.

Click to see the video.....

The Amulet
Teaser to Cartoon in Danish

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