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Rockwell Kent Project
The project began in 2006. The first step was to create a PowerPoint presentation of his Greenlandic paintings.

In the years to follow we collected all accessible material on Rockwell Kent: books, articles, photos and paintings, and we visited the collection at Plattsburgh Museum and other galleries and museums in USA and Canada. In Russia the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg and the Pushkin Museum in Moscow were visited.

In August 2011 and again in August 2014 UPI organized a boat trip in Uummannaq Fjord following the footsteps of Rockwell Kent. The aim was to document through photos where his pictures were painted. The project is now finished with an exhibition and a book: 'When the colour ceases to be just a colour - Rockwell Kent's Greenland paintings' telling the story of his relation to Greenland through his paintings.

The book and exhibition will be introduced at the 90 years anniversary of The Children's Home in Uummannaq September 28, 2019

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Rockwell Kent: Uummannaq seen from Qaarsut

Link to the exhibition posters

The management group
The management group for the Rockwell Kent project:

Ann Andreasen, Chairman
Kristina Klemmesen, Vice chairman
Erik Torm, Project adviser
Bill Gasperini, member
René Kristensen, member

Link to photos 'In the footsteps of Rockwell Kent':

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Salamina in Kent's House, Illorsuit 1932
Salamina in Kent's house, Illorsuit 1932

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