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Expedition Avannaa

This expedition was undertaken during the summer 2012. It was first and foremost seeking to endeavour cultural exchanges between different settlements in parts of the large Greenland coast. The expedition was prepared, approved and orchestrated by the Director of The Uummannaq Polar Institute (UPI) and Uummannaq Children's Home. The persons affiliated to the exhibition were exclusively employees of the Children's Home.
Further, the children are involved in the presentation
What is UPI?
UPI Advisory BoardUPI was inaugurated in 2009 by HSH the Prince Albert II of Monaco, Professor Jean Malaurie and Arthur Chilingarov, ex-Vice-President of the Russian Parliament
and documentation from the expedition such as playing background music to the documentary.

Albert Lukassen and Inuunnguaq Zeeb - Photo: Else Lukassen
Avannaa Documentary

Link to: screening in Greenland Television Nunatsinnit Friday 16th of May

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Expedition crew

Albert LukassenJaakuaraq Markussen
Else T LukassenBertrand Lozay
The captain on the boat was the inuit hunter Albert Lukassen and he was accompanied by Jaakuaraq Markussen, hunter, Inuunnguaq Zeeb, Ole Jørgen Hammeken and a guest from abroad. The skills and endeavours of Albert Lukassen, and the remaining crew, were documented by Bertrand Lozay, documentary filmmaker, and Else T Lukassen, photographer.

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