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Salamina - a new article from Uummannaq Polar Institute:

What is UPI?
Uummannaq Polar Institute is an umbrella for the outdoor activities undertaken by the Uummannaq Children's Home.

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UPI Advisory Board
Uummannaq Music
Film and Documentary
Uummannaq Polar Books
UPI Oceanography
The Eqalugaq Project
Co-producing knowledge on polar cod in Greenland
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UPI Astronomy

1. 'Greenland 100 years ago'
2. 'Iceberg Tales'
3. 'Chukotka 2011 and 2014'
4. 'When the Colour Ceases to Be Just a Colour - Rockwell Kent's Greenland Paintings'

All exhibitions are free to lend.

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The Avannaa skiing trip 2019.
Avannaa Skiing trip 2019 returning to Uummannaq after three weeks on the ice with stays in Uummannatsiaq and Ikerasak
Read about UPI Dog Sledge, Boat, Hike and travel Expeditions.

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Rockwell Kent
'When the Coælou Ceases to Be just a Clolour'
'Rockwell Kent's Greenland paintings', - exhibition & book coming up soon.

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Link to exhibition posters
Happy New Year 2024

Supported Photo Projects
UPI Contacts
Link to important Scientific, Environmental, Arctic Art and Music projects.

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