Uummannaq Mountain and The Children's Home on the 5th of Febrary 2012UPI logo

What is UPI?

Uummannaq Polar Institute is an umbrella for the outdoor activities undertaken by the Uummannaq Children's Home. Whilst the Greenlandic culture is enshrined in all of the activities undertaken, it´s purpose is wholly to promote educational programmes for young Inuit children that reside in the Children´s Home.
UPI Advisory BoardUPI was inaugurated in 2009 by HSH the Prince Albert II of Monaco, Professor Jean Malaurie and Arthur Chilingarov, ex-Vice-President of the Russian Parliament
It is situated in Uummannaq, North-West coast of Greenland. UPI functions hence as a permanent workshop with inspiring alternative means such as dog-sledge expeditions, study-travels, scientific work, film-making, music, theatre and painting.

Fellow and Honorary Members

Fellow Members: Will Richard and Erik Torm. Honorary Members: Uunartoq Løvstrøm and Tobias Grønvold
International partners

UPI is the Greenland partner of the international research programme ARTisticc (funded by elmont Forum).
Read more about ARTisticc.
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Children performing for the Danish Queen - Photo: Thom Wolke
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