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Rockwell Kent Project
The project began in 2006. The first step was to create a PowerPoint presentation of his Greenlandic paintings.

In the years to follow we collected all accessible material on Rockwell Kent: books, articles, photos and paintings, and we visited the collection at Plattsburgh Museum.

In August 2011 and again in August 2014 UPI organized a boat trip following the footsteps of Rockwell Kent. The aim was to document through photos where his pictures were painted. The project is now to create an exhibition and write a book on Rockwell Kent's Greenland telling the story of his relation to Greenland through his paintings.

Rockwell Kent: Uummannaq seen from Qaarsut

The management group
The management group for the Rockwell Kent project:

Ann Andreasen, Chairman
Kristina Klemmesen, Vice chairman
Erik Torm, Project adviser
Bill Gasperini, member
Frederick Lewis, member
René Kristensen, member

Link to photos 'In the footsteps of Rockwell Kent':
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Salamina in Kent's House, Illorsuit 1932
Salamina in Kent's house, Illorsuit 1932

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