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INUK is now possible to buy in Denmark and Greenland
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The crew from the INUK galla screening at Grand Theatre, Copenhagen, December 14, 2014INUK in front of Grand Theatre, December 14, 2014
INUK screenings

Upcoming screenings:
to be announced

-An article in National Geographic about the screening of INUK on ice.
Uummannaq Polar Books
Tikkili Pjettursson                       Greenland 100 Years ago
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The book about TIKKILI is mentioned in
Sermitsiaq 4-2016
The article is in Kalallisut and Danish

New publication in Kalallisut and Danish: Summer travels in Greenland, chapter XIII by Arnold Heim, original in German: Sommerfahrten in Gr÷nland.
Translated by Erik Torm and Kunuunnguaq Fleischer
EXHIBITION - Greenland 100 years ago
Alfred de Quervain    Arnold Heim
Upcoming exhibitions

Next opening:


September 26 - December 23
· Scott Polar Instutute, Cambridge, England
Ongoing exhibitions

· Uummannaq outddor - summer 2016
The exhibition is free to borrow! Email UPI!
Link to New Exhibition Photos
Link to Exhibition Schedule 2012 - 2017
Cultural Expedition AVANNAA - by UPI
The Avannaa documentary
Albert Lukassen and Inuunnguaq Zeeb - Photo: Else Lukassen
Link to two documentary video's
1. Greenland Television Nunatsinnit Friday 16th of May, 2015
2. Faces of Climate Change:
A video from Qaanaaq
Photo Exhibition Chukotka

Cultural Expedition AVANNAA on photo:

Ilulissat Kunstmuseum - December 2015
Nanortalik Museum - Autumn 2016
Exhibition at Paamiut Museum
Link to Cultural Expedition Avannaa
Uummannaq MUSIC
Link to video from Ilulissat Art Museum
In memory of Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger and Ann
Link to the video

Link to article in Sermitsiaq:
Danish - - - Kalallisut
Happy New Year from Uummannaq Music

Click and listen!

Other links: Nive Nielsen and 'Icebergs on Ice' - KNR Television February 26
Inuit Art from Alaska
I˝upiaq Artist
Allison Akootchook Warden
Visited The Children's Home February 2014

Allison performing
Inuit Art

Inuit clothing and drum from Alaska
See more photos

Ni˝os en la Cumbre - Children on the Summit. A Venezuelean-Greenlandic Project
New documentary

'Call of the Ice' by Mike Magidson
A MFR and UPI coproduction - Link

Rockwell Kent
An American painter in Greenland

Rockwell Kent oil painting: Uummannaq seen from Qaarsut
Bertrand Lozay: ANIMATION FILM

Photo projects supported by UPI:
Photo: Ciril Jazbec

Photo: Sebastien Tixier.

Photo: Tuck Gaisford

Photo: Patrick Morell
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